Patricia Scanlon to Receive the Digital Hero Award

Patricia Scanlon is the founder and CEO of SoapBox Labs, the world’s most accurate speech recognition technology for kids. Patricia holds a PhD and has over 20 year’s experience working in speech recognition, including at Bell Labs and IBM. Patricia has been granted 3 patents, with two pending. She is an acclaimed TEDx speaker, and in 2018 was named one of the World’s “Top 50 Women in Tech” by Forbes.

“Thrilled to receive this Digital Hero award and follow in the footsteps of so many great entrepreneurs. SoapBox Labs is on a hugely ambitious mission. This kind of recognition really helps us along our way.”

In 2013, inspired by the needs of her oldest child, Patricia envisioned a speech technology to redefine how children acquire literacy. She has successfully raised over €5.5M in public and private funding to bolster research and product development, and her technical approach has been independently validated by the world’s top three academic authorities on speech recognition. SoapBox Labs is based in Dublin and has a world-class team of 22 employees.

We look forward to hearing Patricia Scanlon speak on stage at the Spider Awards 2019 on 21st November at the RDS!